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Welcome to KAMGAR

Welcome to Kamgar Engineering Works India Pvt.Ltd a leading manufacturer of Critical Safety equipments used in the Overhead Traction lines of Indian Railways.
Established in 1969 we are one of the oldest manufacturer of Overhead line equipments.Our Organization is approved by Ministry of Indian Railways through their Research Designs Standards Organization Lucknow.
Our presence on the Indian railways can be summed up breifly that no journey on the Indian Railways electrified routes would be possible without coming in contact with our Products.

What we do best...

The experience gained over more than 40 years in the rail sector, means KAMGAR can present itself as an expert in this field of manufacturing activity.
This expertise is the fruit of long hours of research and development built through close interactions with the Railways.
The Public transport system is a thrust area for the demanding needs of a sprawling nation whose rail network is already the largest in the world.
A presence in this market demands a high level of commitment from suppliers. This is precisely what KAMGAR offers and continues to offer through its unrelenting emphasis on quality and a high level of commitment to its customers

Our Products

Our Products

Auto Tensioning Equipments
Auto Tensioning Equipments
​Auto Tensioning Equipments Auto Tensioning Device is one of the critical component of the Overhead contact lines of the Railways.It serves both as a termination as well as provides a mechanism for the automatic tensioning of the contact lines. Tensioning is needed on the contact lines due to the variation in the lengths of the contact lines (contact lines are primarily made from copper based alloys which are prone to expansion and contractions)due to variation in atmospheric temperatures. Absence of tensioning would create sag or tightening of the overhead lines creating pantograph entanglement or snapping of the OHE lines.
Section Insulator assembly
Section Insulator assembly
Section Insulator Assembly or Section switches are used on the overhead lines to electrically isolate and seperate sections for maintenance reasons or at overlaps.They can also be used in conjunction to isiolate sections in seperate phases being fed by different feeder substations .They are also used extensively on changeovers.We specialize in the manufacture of the following variants.
 Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
We represent USHA MARTIN LTD as their reselling agents for Stainless Steel Wire ropes manufactured as per RDSO Specification No.TI/SPC/OHE/WR/1060[6/06] with A and C slip 1 and 2 of latest.

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For your requirement of Overhead catenary line equipment do write to us at support@kamgar.in or visit contact us

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